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Eh, blog-shmog.  Who wants to hear what’s happening in Ventnor??  It’s a nice place to live.  Atlantic City is a jitney ride away and Margate I can walk to.  Lucy the Elephant lives in Margate.  I recall many wonderful childhood afternoons playing in Lucy’s back yard.  A few years ago I took a camera crew  to some of my old haunts.  This was our stop at Lucy.

Loving Support!

To my friends at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, I want to thank you for your loving support in getting this website up and running.  It seems that you really CAN teach an old broad new “tricks”.  I love you, you’re all terrific!!


People make so much of aging.  Feh, I’m happy.  Could be worse.  What’s the alternative?  Think about it.  So long as I can get around, do my gardening, have a midnight nosh, see a movie once in a while—what is there to stress about?  People make up stuff to worry about. 


Photo by Bob Carey

   © Todd Waddington 2014